Vegan Consulting

Buon Giorno!

Traveling to Italy? Confused on which ethnic foods are a YES or a NO-GO?

Especially in Italy, food appearances may be deceiving!! Foods that “appear” vegan may actually contain lard, an animal product used in everything from bread to pizza to cookies and more. Risottos may contain butter, beef or chicken stock or cheese and pasta may contain butter or egg.

Let me assist you! I am a vegan with a background in health and fitness and live between the US and Italy. Prior to being vegan, I was vegetarian (so yes, I know breaking the cheese habit is tough but I have some tricks for that!)

I offer consultations via Skype or Email on everything from:

ethnic foods
reading labels
eating out/restaurants
family get togethers
traveling in Italy or general travel
organic vs non-organic
shoes and clothing
toiletries and make-up
getting the right nutrition/balanced meals
vitamins and minerals
veganism for weight loss
and more!

I will also give Italian language lessons specifically for all the vegan vocab you need!

Why spend hours of YOUR time doing research for all this info when you can just get the knowledge of one who has already done the research! It probably cheaper than you think!

Contact me if interested in a consultation!

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