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vegitalyguidemodicaCiao a tutti!

My husband and I had the idea for this website a few years ago. I was vegetarian at the time and he was slowly becoming vegetarian. Then a few of years ago we both became vegan.

We live between the US and Italy and we noticed there was not too much information in English for people traveling to Italy and looking for vegan options; hence the birth of the website. Although we add posts every now and again in Italian we primarily post in English since many first time travelers to Italy speak English.

We wanted to compile as much information for our readers as to how to get around Italy being vegan. Although it seems rather easy to be vegan in Italy, it can actually be tricky in many areas since there are a lot of “hidden” ingredients in Italian dishes. Risotto, for example, is often made with butter. We wanted to document this for our readers so they could be more attentive when traveling.

Italy is one of the food capitals of the world. They are less about quick and processed foods and more about whole foods. Many sauces are still homemade, fruits and vegetables come from local gardens and most of the people still cook at home. Italy is quickly growing in vegetarians and vegans as more people realize that it is no longer sustainable to have a diet that consists mostly of animal based products.

A bit about us. We are an Italian/American couple and both have backgrounds in music and languages. We love traveling staying fit and being outdoors, yoga, holistic living and vegan food. We use a whole food approach for the dishes we make. Our cooking style stems from that of the old Italian and Sicilian culture in that everything good takes time.

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