Do you love goats?

Ciao a tutti!

Are you an animal lover, specifically goat lover, and love to help out anytime you can?

The we have an opportunity for you in Italy!

Enpa, or the Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali (the Office for Animal protection), is
looking for volunteers in the month of February to help transfer about 100 goats to new homes.

The situation is such – the goats live quite peacefully on the island of Palmaria, near La Spezia in Liguria.
They were transferred about 60 years ago from someone who imported them. And they seem to enjoy it quite nicely.
They have adapted with little problems, except for one. The mayor believes that these goats, being not native
to the island, are destroying the ecosystem. He proposes to have them captured and slaughtered.

Protests against the mayors proposal started to spread and that is why Enpa needs some volunteers to help
them find some new homes!

They are looking for volunteers not only to help move them, but also to host them, so if you know anyone
that has a good home for them, like a sanctuary or the like – then you can reach out to

If you would like to read the entire article, you can see it here in Italian.

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