Top 10 Pick-Up lines for Vegan-Italians

Ciao a tutti!

Going out for a date while in Italy? How exactly can you attract those
beautiful vegan-Italians?

Did you ever wonder what to say to get their attention? Here are some pretty
(vegan) cheesy pick-up lines that you can try! And remember, they should have a nice
thick Italian accent to them when you say them … kinda liika deeesa šŸ™‚

Note: We take no responsibility for positive or negative results!!

1.) If you were a vegetable, you would be a cute-cumber!

2.) Venice the time I can take you out for vegan lunch?

3.) Be my violin and I will be your limon-cello.

4.) Is that a new perfume or were you making a vegan garlic focaccia?

5.) I love it when your belly is full of farina di ceci (chickpea flour).

6.) Do you work at a coffee shop? Because I like you a latte. (soy latte, of course!)

7.) You’re so hot, I could bake vegan biscotti on you.

8.) You and me could be happy like two zucchini in a vegetable patch lying next to each other.

9.) I would love to be wrapped around you like that spaghetti with vegan pesto sauce on your fork!

10.) Iā€™m in the mood for vegan pizza… a pizza you, that is!


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