Vegan Festivals in Italy 2015!

Ciao a tutti!

Looking for another great year of vegan festivals in Italy?

If you missed some of the earlier vegan fests in Italy this year, no worries. There are still others that will be going on during the summer!

VeganFest 2015 this year is currently being organized. Anticipated dates will be 14/15 September and the location is not yet determined.

**The 2015 Expo Milan is currently underway and will run from May 2015 – October 2015. This is the largest food expo in the world and will have shows, concerts, conferences, cooking demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions. The theme is not strictly veganism, but sustainable living/food sources. Everything from renewable energy to green and vegan/vegetarian living will be there. Their mission statement being: “Feeding the planet, energy for life”. More information can be found in English on their website here.

**Eat Vegan Sagra cruelty free festival will have a vegan festival from 12-14 June, 2015 in Feste Cerello, Viale Po n3 – Lonate Pozzolo (VA) Hosted by ONUS (Italian Animal Rights Group), there will be music, live exhibits, games for kids, theater and cabaret events, presentations discussing veganism, a chance to speak with experts, nutritionists, medical staff and animal rights activists and of course vegan and cruelty free products. You can find the link here or at EatVegan.

**SOAVeg will be holding their first vegan festival dedicated to animal rights in Verona the 3, 4, 5 of July 2015. The festival will officially open 18:30 on the 3rd of July and will finish the night with a concert. There will be vegan clothing, food, vendors, over 20 presenters, gong bath, raw vegan cooking presentation and much more.

**Castle Vegetarian Fest: 24-27 July in Sarzana, Italy (in Liguria) – There will be food, music, art, workshops and vendors along with dances, yoga, meditations, holistic health information and just about everything related to healthy living 🙂 If you are in Italy this is the festival to be at!

Mangia Veg!!


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