Largest Vegan supermarket – Rome, Italy

Ciao a tutti!

Good news for you vegans in and around Rome! It is now official that as of July 2014 iVegan, which was originally just an online vegan store, has now a brick and mortar location.

During their inauguration in July they gave away free vegan croissants and drinks for anyone, vegan or non-vegan that came in to check out the store. The coffee shop next door even started serving vegan cappuccinos!

Some of the products that can be found there include:

  • vegan cheese
  • seitan
  • tofu
  • tempeh
  • vegan fish
  • products made from wheat gluten
  • foods made from hemp seeds
  • vegan milks
  • and more!

Products come from local vegan food companies and also larger companies, but attention is always on quality.

The iVegan store can be found at via Angelo Emo 125, Rome, Italy.

Since 2008 the iVegan association has been spreading the word throughout Italy about the social and econmical advantages of a Vegan lifestyle. They promote animal rights and plant-based living in all of Italy.


Mangia Veg!!


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