Famous Vegans in Italy

Ciao a tutti!

We have a list of some famous Italians that are vegan (or at least vegetarian) in Italy.
They may or may not be known outside of Italy, but if you’re looking for vegan music, wish to choose TV shows from vegan actors/actresses or simply want to know more about famous people in Italy, these would be your people:

* Franco Battiato, singer and director (vegetarian)

* Adriano Celentano, singer and TV personality (stands up for animal rights, labels himself as a vegetarian)

* Giorgio Celli, scientist (animal rights)

* Marco Columbro, TV personality (vegetarian)

* Manuela Di Centa, cross country ski, olympic champion and politician (vegetarian)

* Margherita Hack, astronomer, politician and scientist (had never eaten meat in her life, both parents were vegetarians. She could easily bike 75 miles. She passed away in 2013 at 91 years old.

* Jovanotti, singer (him and his wife are both vegetarians)

* Paola Maugeri, author (vegan, says that revolution starts on the dinner plate)

* Gianni Morandi, singer (vegan)

* Red Canzian, singer (Vegan and promoter of veganism. He can be found around Italy talking about veganism. His choice to be vegan is for ethical reasons.)

* Red Ronnie, TV personality and journalist (Vegan and raising 2 vegan children. Has not taken antibiotics in over 15 years)

* Mario Tozzi, geologist and scientist (vegetarian)

* Professor Umberto Veronesi, oncologist and former Minister of Italian Healthcare (stands up for animal rights and a vegetarian lifestyle)

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