Types of Pasta

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Pasta is one of the staples of Italy. It is served everywhere and usually as a primo piatto (first plate). The types of pasta can be distinguished from a few different factors, those including the form, if it is pasta ripiena (filled pasta), if it is made from eggs and what type of flour was used.

At the supermarket it can be relatively easy to find what kind of pasta to buy. Dried pasta is in the pasta isle and fresh pasta or pasta ripiena is found in the refrigerated section. When checking the labels for the dry pasta you can scan the labels to check for animal products. For example, here are dry spaghetti ingredients:

semola di grano duro, acqua (whole white wheat grain, water)

Most of the other types of dry pasta, such as rigatoni, farfalle, or penne will have the same type of ingredients. However, some dried pasta will have eggs. These pastas usually include fettuccine, cappellini, and tagliatelle. The noodles are usually shaped different, as such:

pasta con uova

Fresh pasta in the supermarket is usually made with eggs. It is usually in the dairy isle.

pasta con uova Buitoni2

Pasta ripiena will also be found here, as well as the dried pasta isle. It is difficult to find a vegan product here unless you specifically go to a health food supermarket that is specialized in vegan stuffed raviolis and vegan stuffed pasta.

Gnocchi, which is potato pasta, is another type of pasta that needs to be checked. Gnocchi is simply potato, flour and water with a bit of salt, however some companies or restaurants may add cheese or eggs.


When dining out it is always best to ask about the pasta. If it is made fresh, double-check to make sure it has not been made with eggs. And even if it is not fresh, check anyways.

The safest pastas are usually the traditional spaghetti or penne pastas.

Even though Italy is vegan friendly, looks can be deceiving. Many of the products we think may be naturally vegan are usually not. Especially when adding sauces.

In some restaurants the pasta is made fresh.

All pasta in Italy is not vegan. The majority of fresh pasta will use eggs. If you are buying it in the supermarket, it will be labeled as

Pasta con Uova (pasta with egg)

In the restaurants, however, you will not be able to tell.

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