Agriturismo in Sicily – Eating vegan in traditional Eco-tourism restaurants

Ciao a tutti!

Agriturismo (eco-tourism) is very popular in Italy. They are popular for tourists since the owners grow their own vegetables and raise their own animals. There exists specific Vegan Eco-tourist spots and are in fact being more and more popular.

However, if you find yourself at one with a group of people or because you are just looking for something to eat, here is one that will cater to vegans! If you are in Sicily, near Modica try “La Piccola Fattoria Agriturismo”. The restaurant is not vegan, but we explained in advance that we did not eat any animal products whatsoever. They were able to cater to our needs making the sauce for the pasta without meat and making a vegan soup. Of course, we did not have a secondo piatto, “second plate”, since meat was being served. There was also roasted fennel with olive oil, red peppers marinated in oil and vinegar and vegan Scaccia, a typical Sicilian dish, made special for us. Fresh olives were also plentiful on the dinner table, as was fresh bread.

You will have to get there driving, as it is in the middle of the Sicilian Countryside. There is no train or bus. You can try a taxi, if you like.



Myself and my husband are vegans and when we ate here with about 15 other people, we really did not have a choice in choosing the place. They knew we were vegan and accommodated us, nonetheless.

First off, know that there will be a lot of food. Even though we had specific vegan requests, they still managed to keep the food coming at an alarming rate. In fact, we thought we were done eating and then they brought out white bean soup! Oh, plus salad afterwards! And if you like wine and homemade fruity alcohol drinks like Limoncello or Fragolino, you will have a wide choice.



The only thing was that there were no vegan desserts. So if you are going, skip the dessert or specifically ask for one to be made for you. They brought a lot of fruit nonetheless.

The other nice thing was that they were selling Chick Peas and Cannellini (white beans) directly from their fields. In fact, they were some of the best tasting we had and we bought two giant bags!! The chick-peas work great to make hummus 🙂

It is nice to know that even traditional meat places can cater to vegans in Sicily!!

Franco, Maria and their son Vincenzo are the owners and will be more than happy to make sure your vegan dining experience is pleasant and you might be able to learn some Sicilian words!

Address: Contrada Commaldo Superiore, 67, 96019 Rosolini, Siracusa, Italy
Phone:+39 0931 501429

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