Broccoli and Veggie Burger Panino

Ciao a tutti! Looking to add a bit of spice to your panini? There are plenty of other ingredients to add besides the traditional faux cheese, lettuce and tomato!

In this one we added our lentil burgers that we made and froze from a few days ago. We took out a burger and heated it up a couple minutes in a non-stick ceramic pan.

We toasted the bread, too, so it is nice and crunchy! Here is a really quick recipe for a really fresh panino!

2 Toasted Slices Rye and Whole Wheat mix bread
3 Big Broccoli
1 Homemade Veggie Burger in Pieces/Strips
Sun dried Tomatoes
Shredded Cabbage (lightly sauteed)
Faux Vegan Cheese (we used mozzarella)
olive oil

Since the bread and burger were already warm, we drizzled Italian olive oil onto the bread then added the faux mozarella cheese right away to melt it a bit. On top of the cheese we added the freshly sauteed cabbage. The broccoli were raw, however can also be steamed if one wants them softened a bit.

Let us know how you liked it!! Ciao!!

Panino Broccoli e Veg Burger 11

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