Il Punto Macrobiotico (english)

Ciao a tutti!

If you’re looking for a place to catch a bite to eat and also do a little bit of shopping, we found it!

Its Il Punto Macrobiotico in Modica, Sicily. It is not 100% vegan, although they have several dishes that cater to vegans. A sample menu may include dishes such as:

  • marinated vegetables
  • lentils with croutons
  • sauteed artichoke salad with rosemary
  • grated califlower
  • fennel salad with oranges and olives
  • broccoli calzone

They cater towards a macrobiotic diet and they do serve fish, so please note this when choosing a restaurant. This is, however, a place that is vegan friendly.

The have an onsite store, very quaint, with some basic necessities such as flours, grains and vegetables. Everything is local. The prices are higher than usual for Sicily, but the quality is above average.

The address of the Restaurant and store is:

Modica, via Nazionale 224/3 in the province of Ragusa

It is a bit tricky to find, in fact if you are not paying attention you will not find it. You will go down Via Nazionale, which is 2 way, but the store is off to the side down a one way street. The best thing is to park and then walk a few blocks.


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