Italian Breakfasts

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Italian breakfasts are a rather quick ordeal. It can be a caffe’ (espresso) at the bar (coffee shop) with a brioche (croissant) or it may be some cereal or cookies in the morning at home with a cup of orange juice. The standard bar does not have vegan breakfast items. Brioche are made with butter, sometimes eggs and sometimes milk or honey. And they may have non-vegan byproducts in them as well.

The fact is, however, the choice is not extra large. If you go into the supermarket, the breakfast cereal isle is rather bleak. If you are an American, the isle is virtually non-existent.

Italians eat fette biscottate (dried toasts) in the morning with nutella. Nutella is NOT vegan (there is powdered milk/skim milk).

There are however alternatives to breakfast and you can have a GREAT vegan breakfast any way you want if you know what stuff to look for!! Here are 6 great vegan breakfast items if you have doubts!

1.) Corn Flakes. They exist and they are vegan. Not always the most filling or natural foods option, but it’s vegan. They can usually be found in any supermarket. If you want them with no added sugar, check the Misura Brand.

2.) Fette Biscottate. I thoroughly searched different brands for the healthiest version of “dried toasts” and came up with Mulino Bianco Fette Biscottate Integrale, by Barilla. Excellent with a glass of rice milk. Spread some fresh jam on in the morning for a delicious breakfast!

3.) Muesli or oatmeal. Long time favorite of Germany. Oatmeal can be a bit tricky to find unless you specifically go to a health food store. The muesli cereals are usually ready made and can be loaded with sugar or honey. Some brands have dried milk added in the cereal flakes. Make sure to do a label check when looking for muesli. Oatmeal in the health food store will be labeled as Avena.

4.) Jam. Most jams are vegan if they are made with fruit pectin. Otherwise you may wind up with fish gelatin or an animal byproduct. Check the label to see what jelling agent they use. GELIFICANTE: PECTINA means its made with fruit pectin and is vegan. The Fior di Frutta brand for jams is always 100% vegan.

5.) Cookies. Cookies are found everywhere; most are not vegan. It is a challenge in some of the regular supermarkets, however new health food isles are popping up even in the smaller towns (yah! :)) The natural health food store and even the Erborista has gluten free and vegan items, so check there first. The Cereal brand makes these cookies which are 100% vegan.

6.) Fresh fruit!! Always vegan! Oranges, apples and figs are some of the fruits that grow naturally in Italy.

Mangia Veg!!


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