Organic supermarket in Solaro

Ciao a tutti!

We know being a vegan anywhere can sometimes be challenging, but things are really changing!

The chain, NaturaSi, which is specific to Italy for the time being, has a store in Solaro. Solaro is in the province of Milano in Lombardia. If you are staying in Saronno or the surrounding communities, Solaro would be the closest location.


NaturaSi at this location is a pretty good size supermarket and carries many vegan items, including rice, soy, nut milks as well as seiten and tofu. They also carry many vegan friendly items likes soap and non chemical cleaners.


The idea for an organic grocery store was founded in 1992 in Verona. Since then, they have continued to expand realizing the ever growing demand for healthy, whole food free from pesticides and fertilizers. Although not 100% vegan, they are steadily offering more and more vegan options as more people make a move towards a vegan lifestyle.

Currently there are over 100 NaturaSi stores in Italy and the number is growing. NaturaSi is a franchise and with some capital, you can open a store.


Mangia Veg!!


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