Dumpling soup

Ciao a tutti!

We wanted to make a soup today to keep everyone in Northern Italy warm (yes it does get cold there :)) A great soup always helps to warm the bones! Obviously if you just want the soup with no dumplings, you can simply omit them. Substituting potato for dumplings will give you a nice hearty soup. Enjoy!


cannellini beans, native to Italy (white beans)
black pepper
bay leaves
and dumplings

We started by making a soup adding the water to all the chopped ingredients above. First off, if you are using bagged beans, you will have to let the beans sit for at least 6 hours to soften up a bit.

Assuming the beans are ready, you can add the other ingredients along with beans and let it simmer for about an hour or two. The beans are ready if you can break them easily with a fork.

The ingredient we saved for last were the dumplings, then the broccoli (that way the broccoli stays nice and green and retains its vitamins)

To make the dumplings you can use 100 grams wheat flour (or white flour, whichever your preference). Add water and salt to the flour until it gets a firm, but gooey or clumpy looking consistency, as you can see below.

You can add them one at a time and smaller balls work best.


Add the dumplings when the soup is just about finished and leave them for about 10-15 minutes. Pour into your soup bowl and add fresh broccoli to the top. Buon appetito!


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