Green summer salad

insalata1nomeCiao a tutti! A few people asked me if there was any good way to use greens such as kale or cabbage, so I invented a great green summer salad that can be eaten as a complete meal! In Italy, cabbage is known as cavolo and is pretty easy to find. Kale nameKale is referred to as cavolo nero and is a native to the Tuscany region. Since there are several different varieties, it may not look exactly like the kale you’re used to and the taste will be a bit sweeter. Cavolo nero is widely used in minestrone and used in the traditional Toscana dish, “ribollita”. Enjoy!


spanish peanuts
flax seeds
lemon juice
extra virgin olive oil

First off, make sure everything is well washed. Sometimes there are little insects or dirt in the kale leaves.carote-a-pezzi-mod-3Start by slicing the carrots, then add diced tomatoes and shredded cabbage. For the kale I cut into little pieces. Throw a couple handfuls of spanish peanuts into the mix. Spanish peanuts are a little different than other peanuts and you can get them raw. Regular peanuts are usually toasted. They will give a different kind of taste to the salad.

For the dressing, I mix lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and a few flax seeds and pour that over the salad. Mix and buon appetito!


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