Veganism on the rise

Ciao a tutti! Veganism in Italy is rising! An up and coming phenomena, not only related to Italy’s food culture and history, but also as a new lifestyle. In fact, it is having some a large effect on Italy’s food culture that large scale supermarkets are now introducing a “veg” only isle with many favorite veg*n snacks such as tofu, seitan, vegan cheeses and vegan snacks.

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Statistics has it that there are 600,000 vegans and 3 million vegetarians in Italy, according to a 2012 census. New veg*n restaurants are open up and down the Peninsula, especially in Roma e Milano, including veg fast-foods and smaller eateries. Even smaller towns further south, such as Palermo, are picking up the lifestyle!

This is of course, excellent news! Italy is at this point Europe’s third country for veg*n restaurants, only behind Germany and England. Not only is this great for health reasons, but also for the environment, compassion to the animal kingdom and a new economy towards saving money and self-sustainability.

Thanks also to the help of many organizations such as AgireOra, that promote animal welfare and many other websites that help readers be informed on the advantages of a healthy veg*n lifestyle.

The increasing numbers of people choosing a healthy lifestyle will grow in big numbers in the years to come!!


Mangia Veg!!


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