Ciao a tutti! Today I want to talk about the Scaccia! The word is sicilian, in fact the word Scaccia is really the sicilian version of the italian word Focaccia.

Its a typical plate of the province of Ragusa, Sicily however can be found throughout Sicily. It is a favorite among many, but for vegans can pose a couple problems.

If you want to get the Scaccia there are a couple things you need to check first.

#1 Meat is sometimes in the filling
#2 Cheese is sometimes in the filling
#3 Sometimes egg or egg album is used on the coating, the top of the Scaccia, before it goes in the oven.

The impasto (dough) is made with whole wheat flour, water, salt and olive oil. They also sometimes use brewers yeast.

Vegan fillings would include:

  • tomato sauce (salsa di pomodoro)
  • onion (cipolle)
  • broccoli (broccoli)
  • parsley (prezzomolo)
  • potatoes (patate)
  • spinach (spinaci)

So if you want to get a vegan scaccia the most important thing to remember is

  • senza carne (no meat)
  • senza formaggio (no cheese)
  • senza uova (no egg)

You should be good to go!!

Mangia Veg!!


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