Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Ciao a tutti! After foraging through our cupboards, we found a can of pumpkin. I would recommend FRESH pumpkin to avoid any contaminants in the aluminum, but I didn’t want to have go to waste a can of pumpkin anyways so made a pie.
If you do choose FRESH pumpkin, you need to clean out all the seeds first then either boil it or bake it. I have tried both in the past and discovered that boiling will cook it quicker but it looses some of the taste. Baking takes a bit longer, but retains a stronger pumpkin taste. FRESH pumpkin tastes different than canned, it also remains a lot fluffier, so don’t expect your canned pie to taste the same as the fresh pie!!


In the crust:

I use this crust to make raw pies, however it works well cooked too!
You can, of course, use a pre-made pie crust or use your choice flour.

100 grams almonds, chopped
100 grams sunflower seeds, chopped
100 grams raisins, chopped

Blend all together in blender, then put into pie pan.



one can pumpkin
1/2 c coconut milk
3/4 c rice/almond milk (I used sunflower seed milk)


Put all the filling ingredients into a blender and mix well. Pour into the pie tin then put into oven at 425F for 15 minutes, then at 350F for 30-40 minutes. To find it if it’s cooked, put a toothpick or knife into the middle; if it comes out clean it is cooked. Let side to cool for 1-2 hours afterwards, this also helps all the delicious spices absorb into the pie!! Then enjoy! Buon appetito!


Mangia Veg!!


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