VeganFest Italy

Looking for vegan festivals in Italy? Look no further!

VeganFest will be organizing their 3rd annual festival in Bologna, Italia this September 7-10, 2013. From the very first festival, it quickly became one of the largest vegan festivals in Europe! In 2012 alone, their numbers included over 220 vendors plus attendance of 30,000!!

Their partners include VEGANOK and the Association of Vegan Italians, among several other celebrities, magazine, and companies. Their mission is to help bring together all people that have a love for every living thing. By bringing vegans together, instead of staying our “closed” vegan space, we can comunicate to the outside world the beauty and moral principals of our choice.

The truth of the matter is, if we don’t start respecting the space of other species and if we don’t start respecting our environment, we won’t have anything left for our children, our future. We have to start taking responsibilty for our actions, even in the littlest ways possible. And we MUST do it together.

Factory farming, the destruction of the land to have more agricultural space, the contamination of our water, cancers, sicknesses; all this is directly linked to MAN and EGO. Man, in himself, must start to think differently, in that he is NOT the center of the universe. He does NOT have a right to infringe on the personal space of other species. He does NOT have the right to allow suffering, injustice, and destruction to happen to himself or to any other living being. Only through knowledge and LOVE can these attitudes and way of thinking be changed.

For information on becoming a vendor, you can visit VeganFest. All information is in italian. Vendor prices start at 1100Euro and up.


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