Vegan food pyramid

dieta_vegana The Vegan Food Pyramid in Italian! The basic vegan food pyramid is made up of 6 levels. In Italian, its good to know the basic groups and what they all mean. They are translated as such:

Pasta: Pasta
Riso: Rice
Pane: Bread
Cereali: grains

Verdure: vegetables
Ortaggi: leafy green vegetables

Frutta: fruits

Tofu: tofu
Latte di soya/riso/mandorle: soy/rice/almond milk
(al posto di latte e formaggio): instead of milk or cheese

Legumi: legumes
Tofu: tofu
Soja: soy
Seitan: seitan
(al posto di carne): instead of meat

Frutta secca: dried fruits/nuts
Semi: seeds
Olio: oil
Zucchero: sugar
Grasso vegetale: vegetable oils/fats

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