Vegan Festivals Italy 2017!

Ciao a tutti! What are your spring and summer plans looking like? Do you know where you will be for the vegan festivals in Italy? You are supposed to answer, “In Italy!!” Here are some of the upcoming vegan festivals and festivals that will offer a large supply of vegan foods and products, enjoy!   […]

Vegan Organic Wines in Italy

Ciao a tutti! You have booked your trip to Italy and looking forward to that great, tasty red or white wine with your favorite pasta or vegetable dish, right? Just imagine it now: sitting outside on a nice patio, with a white table cloth and light blue umbrella over your head. The breeze is warm; […]

Top 10 Pick-Up lines for Vegan-Italians

Ciao a tutti! Going out for a date while in Italy? How exactly can you attract those beautiful vegan-Italians? Did you ever wonder what to say to get their attention? Here are some pretty (vegan) cheesy pick-up lines that you can try! And remember, they should have a nice thick Italian accent to them when […]

Vegan Street Food Snacks in Italy

Ciao a tutti! This article was brought to us compliments of Wendy over at the Nomadic Vegan. If you are out and about all day, or even on the go just for a couple hours, then you may want to check out just a few of the many great vegan street food snacks you can […]