Vegan pesto in Italy

Ciao a tutti!

Where can you find vegan pesto in Italy?

Well, pretty much everywhere! There are enough choices and enough companies making vegan pesto,
heck, even Barilla makes a vegan pesto. Here is a list below of some of what you can find. You can find
them with or without garlic (for those who want to save their breath, breath odor that is) and you
can find them with different nut bases. Or with or without tofu. Some will have a pine nut base, others a cashew base, etc.

NaturaSi, a health food store, has a pretty good line of vegan pestos, however mainstream supermarkets
sell them, as well as specialty shops. And not only can you find the traditional pestos, veganized, made with basil,
but you can also find zucchini pesto, hemp pesto, or pesto with artichoke. Pesto with rucola is yet another version.

Oh, and don’t forget, you can also just type the name into yahoo and buy it directly online.


Companies / Brands that do vegan pesto here in Italy are:

Cereal Terra Pesto Vegetale
Pesto vegano e biologico della Saclà
Pesto vegan basilico e tofu Bionaturae (personally my favorite)
Pesto con tofu Bionaturae
Eco pesto Vegetale Il Nutrimento
Pesto vegetale senza formaggio Il Nutrimento
Pesto alla rucola Il Nutrimento
Pesto alla canapa con basilico Il Nutrimento
Pesto Vegan al tofu Alce Nero
Pesto vegetale Sottolestelle
Pesto Vegetale con tofu Sottolestelle
Pesto al tofu bio Fior di Loto
Pesto di canapa ((made with hemp seeds and basil) Fior di Loto
LaSelva Pesto Vegan
Pesto con tofu – Biffi
Pesto Vegan Bio – Sommariva
CostaLigure Pesto alle Genovese (vegan) – May be found mostly in Liguria
Pesto Vegetale Biologico Artigiana Genovese Bio
Barilla Pesto Basilico Vegan

Let us know if you find one that we didn’t have listed!!

Grazie mille!
Mangia Veg!

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