Vegan Ice Cream in Donnalucata!

Ciao a tutti!

In Southeast Sicily? If you happen to be on the southeast Sicilian Coast, driving around Marina di Ragusa heading towards Marina di Modica or Pozzallo, it is well worth the trip to stop off in Donnalucata.

Why? Vegan ice cream!

And we found some really delicious stuff that is regularly in stock! There are several other advantages to the ice cream shop, like being DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE BEACH.

What does that mean for you? It means you can get your vegan ice cream, walk across the street, and dip your toes in the water while you enjoy mouth-watering, creamy, animal-free gelato!

What’s the name? Luna Rossa, and you can talk to the owner, Angelo. He has at least two regular vegan customers (US!) so he knows what being vegan is all about 🙂

What flavors? Well, the flavors come and go. Hazelnut is the common vegan flavor. But there was also peanut butter and pistacchio, although we were never there on pistacchio days 🙁

The only thing is that Luna Rossa is only open in the summer months. If you arrive in mid-Sept, you may be too late!

Mangia Veg!

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