Take the Vegan Gelato Italy Tour!

Ciao a tutti!

Here is your ice cream tour of Italy!

Can ice cream, or gelato, be vegan? YES! And you will find it in ample amounts throughout Italy! Bases include rice milks, soy milks, coconut milks and even ice cream made with olive oil?? YES!! But YOU will have to do the personal taste test yourself. Just make sure you take notes and remember which ones are your favorites! 🙂

So pick your city, hop on a plane, train or car and start enjoying Italy has to offer in VEGAN GELATO!

VanillĂ  Gelateria

Piazza Terenzio, 27C Terenzano – Pozzuolo del Friuli (UD)

The Vanilla Gelateria is the Piazza Terenzio in Terenzano near Pozzuolo del Friuli in Udine. You will find the Gelateria on a main road with ample parking. They opened in 2014 and had raving reviews. For those that are not from the area, they find themselves coming back for more and more to taste the classic ice cream flavors made of a base of rice or coconut milk. Among flavors are praline, hazelnut, cookie and a new one: Sunflower. They not only have gelato, but they also serve small snacks, cakes and you can find raw, vegan Strudel during the summer!

Gelato Giulivo

Via Archiano, 45 Roma

The Gelato Giulivo is just a few steps from the La Sapienza University, the Villa Borghese and from the famous Catacombs. Once at the Gelateria you can enjoy all different flavors made with a base of olive oil and fructose, with 30% less calories than classic ice cream, but not lacking flavor! With 50 kilos of fruit, you can get about 4 kilos of ice cream in different flavors: mango, fig, watermelon among other favorites like creamy almond and hazelnut. A must try is pistacchio al sale, or pistachio with salt and for the chocolate lovers there is the “passion” dark chocolate with sour cherries. And if the calories did not satisfy you in one serving, feel free to get another, and another, and another……

Gocce di bio

Strada di Saviabona, 97/B Vicenza

In a quite strategic position in the mall of Saviabona Street in Vicenza, you will find Gocce di Bio: easy to reach with a second location just recently opened in Marostica. The place offers a casual and comfortable environment to enjoy and try out organic ice creams made completely without sugar. The flavors to try are the “Croccantino” or “crunchy”, the Pistacchio di Bronte, or pistachio from Bronte and the sublime Stracciatella, vegan milk and chocolate, a classic flavor made vegan!

Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Via Urbana, 130 Roma

At the heart of the tourist center of Rome, between via Nazionale and via Cavour (look for the metro stop Cavour) and near the via dei Fori Imperiali you will find Grezzo Raw Chocolate, which continues to attract attention. On the inside you will find a showcase of many different flavors made with a base of almond milk and prepared carefully in the “ice cream laboratory” using organic almonds directly from Sicily. Cashews and coconut sugar are also added in the base to create a sweet, creamy, raw, natural and organic product!!
One must not leave prior to trying the delicate and mouth-watering raw chocolate and also the “Bonet”, inspired from the dessert from Piemonte with chocolate, coffee and almond cream.

Voglia e gusto

Via Bighetti, 1 Chiavari (GE)

The enchanting historical center of Chiavari offers colorful streets, 1000 year old buildings beautifully decorated with exclusive boutiques, and just a few minutes to the seaside with the beautiful Botanical Gardens of the Villa Rocca. It is here that you will also find the ice cream shop, Voglia e Gusto, of course vegan, which makes fresh ice cream every day and boasts their “Magnificent 6” flavors. These include vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, mango and strawberry. The creaminess of every flavor comes from using fresh rice milk and natural cane sugar. The cones are vegan and also gluten-free, and Voglia e gusto is ideal for passer-bys wanting to come inside for a further look, and taste!


Piazza Esperanto, 7 Grosseto

An ample open space in piazza Esperanto surrounded by the old walls of Grosseto; you will find Essenza in a street with a pedestrian zone and covered markets. Essenza is literally the essence of loving natural food, complete with a restaurant, bakery and ice cream shop. Opened just a few months back, Essenza wanted to offer delicious vegan food and a welcoming environment, which is why you will find the inside to be elegant and breezy, at the same time relaxing and intimate. Every flavor of ice cream creates a piece of history because it’s created from scratch and without additives. You can find the Pistacchio di Bronte, hazelnut, called Nocciola gentile del Piemonte, Sicilian Almond with cocoa, Gianduia (a particular type of nut from the Piemonte region) coffee flavor, lemon, strawberry, seasonal fruit flavors and everything organic, including the cones / waffle cones.

Where else in Europe can you find real ice cream shops that use natural ingredients of vegetable origin with the highest quality? Here are a few:

LONDON: Yorica
ZURICH: Vegelateria
BERLIN: Kontor Eismanufaktur
WARSAW: Gelati Giuseppe

For more reading, you can read the original article here in Italian.

Mangia Veg!

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