What plant-based milk do you want in Italy?

Ciao a tutti!

Being vegan in Italy is no problem when you know where to look!

We made a list for you of all the plant-based milks you can find in Italy, with the English equivalent, so that way you know what you’re looking for! You can easily find latte di soia and latte di riso in most supermarkets. You will also find more hard to find vegan milks, like latte di cocco, in some vegan or natural food stores.

Let us know if we missed any! Buon divertimento!

  • Latte di Soia: Soy milk
  • Latte di Riso: Rice milk
  • Latte di Cocco: Coconut milk
  • Latte di Riso/Quinoa: Rice/Quinoa Milk
  • Latte di Mandorla: Almond milk
  • Latte di Avena: Oatmeal milk
  • Latte di Semi di Canapa: Hemp seed milk
  • Latte di Riso/Cocoa: Chocolate Rice milk
  • Latte di Farro: Spelt milk
  • Latte di Miglio: Millet milk
  • Latte di Kamut: Kamut, or also Khorasan wheat
  • Latte di Orzo: Barley milk
  • Latte di Nocciole: Hazelnut milk
  • Latte di Anacardi: Cashew nut milk
  • Latte di Macadamia: Macadamia milk

Others you may or may not find – but can always make them at home 🙂

  • Latte di Noci: Walnut Milk
  • Latte di Semi di girasole: Sunflower seed milk
  • Latte di Arachidi: Peanut milk

The choices are vast!

You can also find different blends. Enjoy your shopping and plant-based milk vegan adventure!

Mangia Veg!

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