Vegan Organic Wines in Italy

Ciao a tutti!

You have booked your trip to Italy and looking forward to that great, tasty red or white wine with your favorite pasta or vegetable dish, right?

Just imagine it now: sitting outside on a nice patio, with a white table cloth and light blue umbrella over your head. The breeze is warm; the sun is shining; you have a beach view; there are not too many people and all you can hear is the occasional seagull. You are ready for a nice red wine with a whole wheat pasta with a creamy cashew tomato sauce, or a light white wine and risotto with radicchio and saffron.

But…. what about vegan wines???? You did your homework – you found the places that offered vegan food, but is the wine vegan? It may not have crossed your mind!

In most cases, wine is not vegan in Italy unless specified! What kind of stuff do you find in a non-vegan wine? Brace yourself – it may gross you out!

Albumen (Albume): The liquid part of the egg.
Albumin (Albumina): Comes from dried animal blood and eggs.
Carmine (Carminio): Crushed scales from the cochineal insect which give the wine a red color.
Charcoal (Carbone): Comes from charred animal bones.
Chitin (Chitina): Comes from crab and lobster shells to remove sediment from white wine.
Isinglass (Colla di pesce): Made from fish bladders and used in the fining process.
Lactose or Casein (Lattosio o caseina): Milk protein and can be found in a powder or granule form. Also used in the clarifying process.
Gelatin (Gelatina): Delivered from rendering plants, this comes from cartilage, tissues and bones of animals, usually cows and pigs, and used in the clarification process to make the wine lighter in color.

But we did some homework for you, so no worries! Check out some of these brands to make sure you are getting vegan wine in Italy!!

All wines with the ” V Ok” labels.

Wines with the Qualità Vegetariana Vegan® labels

*Venturino Giancarlo in Piemonte
*Agrobiologica San Giovanni in Marche
*L’azienda vinicola Costadoro in San Benedetto del Tronto
*La Cantina Offida
*società agricola Pievalta in Ancona (Maiolati Spontini)
*Società agricola Ciù Ciù in Marche
*Fattoria Casabianca
*Frantoio La Pieve in Tuscany
*Olearia Vinicola Orsogna in Abruzzo
*Perlage S.r.l. in Treviso
*Casabianca a Murlo in Siena

All wines from Cantina Pizzolato

And so how do you recreate that great Italian moment once you’re back home? Well, the beach may be a bit challenging, but you can bring the wine home. VegWays has vegan, organic wine direct from Italy! This way you can at least try to recuperate as much of that Italian experience as possible.

Mangia Veg!

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