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Interview with Agriturismo Vegan Il Borgo di Tara

How did you start this project? “Like many people, we thought about a life change and as vegans, about a project that would allow us to live not against our ideas and ideals.” What jobs did you do before? “Stefania … read more

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Intervista con Agriturismo Vegan Il Borgo di Tara

Ciao a tutti!! Oggi pubblichiamo l’intervista ai ragazzi di Agriturismo Vegan Il Borgo Di Tara a Borgo Val di Taro, in Emilia-Romagna. Prossimamente pubblicheremo l’intervista tradotta in Inglese! Interview in English coming soon! Stay tuned! Come avete iniziato questo progetto? … read more

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Traditional Italian Herbs you can use in your Italian dishes!

Ciao a tutti! What are some traditional Italian herbs you can use in your dishes? In Italy, there are certain herbs that are traditionally “Italian” meaning that they are used most frequently. Regions do change and in northern Italy you … read more