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farina di segale

100% All-Natural Vegan Shampoo in Italy, too!

Ciao a tutti! I have been scouring Italy for vegan shampoos. And there are some that I tried that are OK. You just have to look for the “v” symbol, or sometimes the “no animal testing” symbol (however the latter … read more

Articoli in italiano

Intervista con Agriturismo Vegan Il Borgo di Tara

Ciao a tutti!! Oggi pubblichiamo l’intervista ai ragazzi di Agriturismo Vegan Il Borgo Di Tara a Borgo Val di Taro, in Emilia-Romagna. Prossimamente pubblicheremo l’intervista tradotta in Inglese! Interview in English coming soon! Stay tuned! Come avete iniziato questo progetto? … read more

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Olive Dolci Gelateria Vegan

Gelato Goes Vegan at Olive Dolci Gelateria in Rome

Hello everybody! Today we are going to have a great guest post! Enjoy! Most ice cream aficionados would agree that Italian gelato is the most delicious form of ice cream found anywhere in the world. The creamy texture, rich taste … read more