Top 10 Pick-Up lines for Vegan-Italians

Ciao a tutti! Going out for a date while in Italy? How exactly can you attract those beautiful vegan-Italians? Did you ever wonder what to say to get their attention? Here are some pretty (vegan) cheesy pick-up lines that you can try! And remember, they should have a nice thick Italian accent to them when […]

Vegan Street Food Snacks in Italy

Ciao a tutti! This article was brought to us compliments of Wendy over at the Nomadic Vegan. If you are out and about all day, or even on the go just for a couple hours, then you may want to check out just a few of the many great vegan street food snacks you can […]

Vegan Pharmacies in Italy

Pharmacy medicine is not always vegan! In fact, most of the salves, creams, antibiotics and all vaccines are all made with animals or animal by-products. Many of the capsules are made with gelatin. And many more of the medicines can contain lactose, which they use as a stabilizer. This can be challenging to figure out […]

Vegan Restaurants: Puglia, Italy

Restaurants in the Puglia, Italy Region Campi Salentina Voice Cafe’ Address: via Benedetto Croce 27 Campi salentina Phone: 320.2181285 Website: A vegan coffee shop. Cutrufiano Biosteria Piccapane Address: Contrada Spadofore 73020 Cutrofiano Phone: 393278453459 Website: Agritourism, with B&B and restaurant. Lecce Il Tempo di Momo Address: Via Benedetto Croce, 45 73100 Lecce, Puglia […]

Vegan Restaurants: Molise, Italy

Vegan Restaurants in the Molise Region Campobasso Isernia Termoli PecoraAllegra Address: via A. Aubry, 5 86039 Termoli Phone: 0875630620 Website: Even though it’s shown as vegetarian/vegan on their advertisement, they do not use any animal products at all, so are 100% vegan. by