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Interview with Agriturismo Vegan Il Borgo di Tara

How did you start this project? “Like many people, we thought about a life change and as vegans, about a project that would allow us to live not against our ideas and ideals.” What jobs did you do before? “Stefania … read more

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Intervista con Agriturismo Vegan Il Borgo di Tara

Ciao a tutti!! Oggi pubblichiamo l’intervista ai ragazzi di Agriturismo Vegan Il Borgo Di Tara a Borgo Val di Taro, in Emilia-Romagna. Prossimamente pubblicheremo l’intervista tradotta in Inglese! Interview in English coming soon! Stay tuned! Come avete iniziato questo progetto? … read more

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Confetti – the sugar coated almonds!

Ciao a tutti! Confetti are traditional treats from Italy. They are widely known all over Italy and have been used since ancient times as a type of candy. What they are is actually almonds covered in pure white sugar. They … read more