Do you love goats?

Ciao a tutti! Are you an animal lover, specifically goat lover, and love to help out anytime you can? The we have an opportunity for you in Italy! Enpa, or the Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali (the Office for Animal protection), is looking for volunteers in the month of February to help transfer about 100 goats […]

Vegan pesto in Italy

Ciao a tutti! Where can you find vegan pesto in Italy? Well, pretty much everywhere! There are enough choices and enough companies making vegan pesto, heck, even Barilla makes a vegan pesto. Here is a list below of some of what you can find. You can find them with or without garlic (for those who […]

Gucci going Fur Free!

Ciao a tutti! We have great news not only in Italy, but world-wide! Gucci had announced that they would be going fur-free! After a talk that was given in London in October, Gucci’s president Marco Bizzarri announced that they would no longer promote or sell fur products. Their new line in Spring of 2018 will […]

Vegan Ice Cream in Donnalucata!

Ciao a tutti! In Southeast Sicily? If you happen to be on the southeast Sicilian Coast, driving around Marina di Ragusa heading towards Marina di Modica or Pozzallo, it is well worth the trip to stop off in Donnalucata. Why? Vegan ice cream! And we found some really delicious stuff that is regularly in stock! […]

Take the Vegan Gelato Italy Tour!

Ciao a tutti! Here is your ice cream tour of Italy! Can ice cream, or gelato, be vegan? YES! And you will find it in ample amounts throughout Italy! Bases include rice milks, soy milks, coconut milks and even ice cream made with olive oil?? YES!! But YOU will have to do the personal taste […]